Pivo Casimir Cultural Center Stella Property Develoment & Event Production
Pivo...where the flavors of centuries of tradition will be transformed into modern delicacies. Experience the rich and beautiful culinary heritage of the Rusyn people influenced by the nations in which they live and the peoples they live among...Poland, the Ukraine, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Rumania, Serbia and America. The Carpathian Mountains have been the home to the Carpatho-Rusyn people, the Lemko, the Boyko and the Hutsul, for centuries. A people without a nation, the Rusyns have preserved their identity through their families, faith, organizations and communities in Europe and among the diaspora. Here in the United States, they settled throughout our country, but nowhere did they settle in as great number as in Western Pennsylvania. Our mountains, are their mountains. Our streams, are their streams. Here they found a land similar to their home and although many were taught to assimilate into other Slavic immigrant groups, they still maintained their identity through traditions, language, belief and in their cuisine. Experience their culture and become a part of their legacy...at pivo.
Bill Of Fare Fresh, seasonal, flavorful....the marriage of century old techniques with modern day methods, pairings and presentation. The seasonal menu will feature an array of dishes featuring fresh local meats, fish, fowl, grains, seasonal fruits and vegetables, and herbs. Our in-house charcuterie will specialize in preserved meats, and gourmet pates along with various pickled cucumbers, onions, mushrooms, beets, krauts and relishes. The pairing of our traditionally modern dishes with authentic liquors, wines and beers from Eastern Europe will create a taste experience only readily found in the Carpathians.
LIBATIONS A selection of vodkas from Poland, Slovakia and Russia. Liquors, wines and beer from Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Repblic, the Ukraine, Hungary, Rumania, Russia and Serbia. A full bar menu of classic cocktails infused with Rusyn flavor.